Tamiya 74129 Craft Side Cutter for Plastic/Soft Metal


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Tamiya 74129 Craft Side Cutter for Plastic/Soft Metal

Craft Tool Series No. 129

This is another handy cutting tool for the advanced modeler’s armory. These side cutters are for use in cutting materials which standard side cutters cannot cut or would not cut cleanly. Examples of materials they can cut are thicker plastic gate on RC model kit sprues, harder plastics and even softer metals such as brass.

- Blade material: Steel, with anti-rust treatment applied.
- Examples of materials that can be cut and thicknesses: Plastic beam up to 3mm; aluminum wire up to 2.5mm; copper wire up to 2mm; brass wire up to 1.8mm; nickel silver wire up to 1.5mm.
- Not for use with harder metals, carbon fiber, or FRP plate materials.
- Grips are made from comfortable black PVC, and marked with the Tamiya twin star logo, plus the line "FOR PLASTIC/SOFT METAL."