Tamiya 36311 1/16 German Machine Gun Ammo-Belt Feeder (Carrying Tripod) - WWII


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Tamiya 36311 1/16 German Machine Gun Ammo-Belt Feeder (Carrying Tripod) - WWII

Product Type: Plastic Kitset

Brand: Tamiya

Scale: 1/16

Requires assembly. Glue and paint sold separately.

World Figure Series No. 11

A Machine Gun Team's Indispensable Item
This is a 1/16 scale figure depicting a WWII German soldier who is carrying the tripod for an MG 42 heavy machine gun. Modelers can choose to assemble the figure with or without the helmet. The tripod itself is made up of over 10 parts for superb accuracy and the early-type Walther pistol holster is also accurately reproduced. Decals are included for rank insignia and the figure also comes with a display base. Place this next to the 1/16 WWII Wehrmacht Infantryman (On Manuever) to depict part of a machine gun team on the move.

About The German Machine Gun Team
The machine gun team was the main source of firepower for a WWII German infantry unit. It consisted of five soldiers, including commander, gunner, loader, and ammo carrier, and the team provided accurate fire thanks to the tripod.

About The Tripod
The MG 42 was the German army's main machine gun and was produced from 1942. Mounted on a tripod, the weapon had an accurate shooting range of over 3,000m, and the weapon could be elevated and depressed for an even wider firing arc. At 21kg, the tripod was relatively light and could be folded and carried by a single soldier.

About The Uniform
German soldiers in early WWII wore the model 1936 field uniform, which had green collars and other detailed features. In order to simplify manufacturing and to improve the effect of camouflage, the entire uniform was changed to a green color to become the model 1940 field uniform.

Approx. Assembled Height: 111mm