zTamiya 35159 1/35 US MARINE AAVP7A1


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The LVTP7A1 was a highly capable amphibious vehicle, capable of carrying 25 fully-armed marines or up to 4.5 tons of equipment. It has experienced a number of upgrades throughout its service life, including having its firepower boosted with the addition of an upgunned weapons station (UGWS) with 40mm grenade launcher to the existing 12.7mm machine gun and 60mm smoke round launcher. The vehicle was renamed the AAVP7A1 in conjunction with the addition of a bow plane in 1985. It saw action with the U.S. Marine Corps during the Gulf War of 1991, transporting soldiers across the desert in tandem with the formidable M60A1.

About the Model
This is a plastic model assembly kit of the AAVP7A1. ¢‹Å“¢‚¬¦1/35 Scale. Length: 235mm, width: 94mm. ¢‹Å“¢‚¬¦The 40mm grenade launcher with grenade round belt is accurately depicted. ¢‹Å“¢‚¬¦Weapons station hatch and boarding ramp can be assembled in open or closed position. ¢‹Å“¢‚¬¦Other hatches and bow plane are movable. ¢‹Å“¢‚¬¦Can also be assembled without upgunned weapons station. ¢‹Å“¢‚¬¦Includes full-body commander and driver torso figures.