Hornby R8213 DCC Select Controller


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Hornby R8213 DCC Select Controller

NOTE: Supplied with NZ/AUS power supply

The Hornby Select Digital Control is by far the perfect way to enter the digital world of model railways. The Select is capable of having control of 60 locomotives and- providing power is available- run 10 locomotives at any one time.  The Select can also control 40 solenoid operated accessories, including points.

The stylish design puts all the control features available from the Select at the operator's fingertips. From the smooth operation of the rotary control to the large LCD display, the Select is the ideal way to enter the digital world of model railways.

- Commands up to 10 locomotives simultaneously (providing power is available)
- The possibility of up to 3 locomotives running at any one time using the 1 amp transformer supplied
- A 4 amp transformer is available for added power
- Can be held or a free standing unit
- 128 speed steps for smooth locomotive control
- Can be programmed to accommodate 14 and 28 speed steps
- Able to programme 59 locomotives and 38 accessories
- Supports XpressNet protocol

Earlier versions of the Select allowed for the decoder to have the pre-set direction (default) changed by holding down one of the “Direction Arrow” keys for more than 3 seconds. However, it was possible to make accidental changes to the Decoder’s Default Direction when holding down a “Direction Arrow” key for too long when attempting to change a locomotive’s running direction. In Select version 1.2 the Decoder Default Direction is now set with a two key operation.  This is now achieved by pressing and holding at the same time both the “0” and one of the Direction Arrow buttons which would be specific to the direction you wish to change for 3 seconds.