TY1 4050 Texson Fuzzy Iron, 240V


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TY1 4050 Texson Fuzzy Iron, 240V

- Electronically controlled constant temperature, adjustable from 65°-200°C (149°-392°F)
- Adjustable heat control for any heat shrink film or fabric covering
- Teflon coated, round-edge shoe
- 240V only
- Tabletop stand
- 1 x Fuzzy Iron Sock included

A creation of space age technology, the Fuzzy Iron makes all other covering irons obsolete! No more guesswork! All major iron-on covering manufacturers recommend specific application and shrinking temperatures to achieve the tightest and longest lasting possible finish. The Fuzzy Iron has been designed from the ground up by master modelers. Its unique shoe design will reach into places other irons can only dream of, and its fully contoured shape allows for dent-free application. The temperature control dial is on the handle, not on the hot shoe- no more burned fingers! Its specially formulated coating delivers remarkable slip characteristics for the smoothest, no-drag slide over virtually any covering surface. A study table top stand is included free.

Only the Fuzzy Iron has a built-in temperature control system accurate to within 3 degrees Fahrenheit of the dial setting! Simply set the dial to the desired temperature. The Temperature Processing Indicator (TPI) lights as the iron temperature rises to reach the dial setting. The TPI blinks when the set temperature is reached, telling you it's time to cover! No thermometer or complicated testing needed- this advanced tool is the only iron which allows you to dial a specific temperature.