Guillows #301LC 1/18 Aeronca Champion 85 - Balsa Flying Kit


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Guillows #301LC 1/18 Aeronca Champion 85 - Balsa Flying Kit

Item Number: 301LC
Series: 300 - Private Planes

NOTE: Can be flown control-line, free flight or displayed as a static model. Engine(s) sold separately.

Although the original manufacturer of the Aeronca Champion sold their business, their successor the Champion Aircraft Corp. produced many of this widely known personal airplane. Aeronca’s have been a common site on American airports for many years and rival the Piper Cub’s for popularity. Guillow’s scale model of the Champion 85 is designed to faithfully duplicate the many fine characteristics of this flyer.

Wingspan: 24"
Scale: 1/18
Flying power option(s): Rubber (free flight) or engine (control line)

- Wood glue
- Dope for tissue application
- Tools