Fujimi 723044 1/72 JGSDF 1/2-Ton Truck - Military Police


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Fujimi 723044 1/72 JGSDF 1/2-Ton Truck - Military Police

Product Type: Plastic Kitset

Brand: Fujimi

Scale: 1/72

Requires assembly. Glue and paint sold separately.

Mitsubishi Type 73 Light Truck is a Japanese military off-road vehicle from the post-war period. It was developed at the turn of the 1960s and 1970s, and serial production began in 1973. The truck is powered by a single 123 HP 4-cylinder diesel engine.

The Mitsubishi Type 73 is based on the Willys CJ-3-B license produced by this concern. The first production versions were very similar to their predecessor and bore the Kyu markings. In 1996, however, the Shin version entered production, which had numerous improvements and was significantly modernized compared to the previous version. Additional weapons can be mounted on both versions of the vehicle, for example: Sumitomo M2 machine gun or Kawasaki Type 79 or Type 87 guided anti-tank missiles. Mitsubishi Type 73 Light Truck was exported to the Philippines and South Vietnam. As part of the armed forces of the latter country, he took part in the Vietnam War 1964 / 1965-1975.