Fujimi 451527 1/700 IJN Battleship Ise


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Fujimi 451527 1/700 IJN Battleship Ise

Product Type: Plastic Kitset

Brand: Fujimi

Scale: 1/700

Requires assembly. Glue and paint sold separately.

Ise was a Japanese battleship laid under the keel in 1915, launched in November 1916, and commissioned in the Imperial Japanese Navy in December 1917. The ship was 219 m long, 33.8 m wide, and had a full displacement of 38,800 tons. The maximum speed of battleship Ise was around 21-23 knots. The main armament at the time of the launch was 12 356 mm guns in six turrets, two guns each, and the additional armament was mainly 16 140 mm guns.

Ise was the first battleship of the type with the same name, ie Ise. During World War I, it was not subjected to major modernization, while in the years 1921-1928 and 1934-1937 it was subjected to major reconstructions. First of all, the armor was significantly strengthened, catapults for seaplanes and anti-aircraft artillery were added. The entire gym was also modernized. From September 1942, Ise underwent another modernization, which made it a hybrid: battleship-aircraft carrier. Two aft cannon towers were disassembled in order to create a landing deck for the planes. The idea, however, turned out to be completely unsuccessful, and Ise was lost as a battleship, without becoming a real aircraft carrier by any means. During World War II, Ise fought in the area of the Aleutian Islands in May 1942, and in October took part in the Battle of Leyte, where it was damaged. In February 1945, it was again damaged at the base in Kure as a result of an attack by American on-board planes. In 1946, the ship was scrapped.