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Purpose of the game: Guess as many cards as possible.

Rules of the game:

You start with the smallest player who becomes the animator of the game: he draws a card and does not show it to anyone. In turn and clockwise, the other players ask questions to the animator which he can only answer with "yes" or "no". After asking his question, each player can try to guess the card:

- if the answer is correct, he wins the card;
- otherwise, he returns a previously won card (except if he has none) and the next player asks his question. The player who guesses correctly becomes the animator of the game. He draws a card and makes it guess. Each game consists of 10 hands (or less for the little ones).

Who win? Whoever has the most cards at the end of the 10 hands wins the game.
NB With 2 players, you decide in advance the number of questions you can ask (from 5 to 10 according to the desired difficulty).